80 Years Of Wonderful, a Birthday Celebration

How do you celebrate 80 years of wonderful?  You fill it with the birthday girls favorite things… family, friends, flowers, beautiful dishes, amazing food, music, sing-a-longs and a “Mama Mia” theme!  What an evening it was for this amazing lady and Party Pleasers was privileged to be a part of it.

 She arrived in style complements of Bryan Brown’s vintage car!

partypleasersblog@wordpress.com,  camarillo ranch, 80th birthday partySteven Leyva Photography

Camarillo Ranch’s Barn was the perfect location for the celebration. Lots of linens were hung from the ceiling to give it that “Mama Mia” feeling!

partypleasersblog@wordpress.com, 80th birthday (2)Steven Leyva Photography
partypleasersblog@wordpress.com, 80th birthday party, wood farm table, gold chiavari chairSteven Levya Photography

Vintage china and vintage glassware added beautiful colors to the tables.

partypleasersblog@wordpress.com, (4)Steven Levya Photography
partypleasersblog@wordpress.com, vintage china, gold flatware, vintage glasswareSteven Levya Photography

partypleasersblog@wordpress.com (3)

Birthday Girls table!

partypleasersblog@wordpress.com, gold flatware (2)Centerpieces were topped with bright flowers and filled with a variety of breads.

partypleasersblog@wordpress.com (4)Steven Levya Photography

A toast to an amazing life…

partypleasersblog@wordpress.com, champagne glass, gold butler cartSteven Levya Photography

Topping it off with lots of choices….chocolate, vanilla, cream, fruit?  Bread Basket cakes were amazing!

partypleasersblog@wordpress.com, cake pedestalsSteven Levya Photography

 Oh what an evening! Dancing, singing, and the “See’s” lady!

partypleasersblog@wordpress.com (5).PNG

Event Rentals: Party Pleasers, Location: Camarillo Ranch, Photographer: Steven Leyva Photography, Florist: Stella Bloom Designs, Catering: Martino’s Catering, Cake: Bread Basket Cake Company


One thought on “80 Years Of Wonderful, a Birthday Celebration

  1. l loved everything about this beautiful 80th Birthday Party for June Arbon. So much thought went into having each aspect of planning done right! She wanted a Mama Mia Party and she got it! Many THANKS for fulfilling her desire !


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